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Customer Love! Testimonials

What a superb book! My 19 month old son really loves it and really enjoys when I do voices and sing the Soca songs! (although, I probably enjoy it more than him...)
What a wonderful start to Amara Para's adventures and I can't wait to read the next installation. I will be buying more copies to send out to relatives with young children, as there are few books on the market which celebrate culture & diversity in this way.

Oh, and that "Daddy", who eats too many dumplings, might just be me...

~ P Broddi

After receiving my copy of "Amara Para Carnival Fete", my children wanted to get straight into the story of the main character - Amara Para - who had so many friends with colourful and varied dress wear as well as Cultural backgrounds. The cover itself was fresh, new and above all, it had captivated my children in such a way that they just couldn't put it down. As I read it to them, so did they ask many questions, such as Character Origins, their languages and why such a girl as Amara would have so many different friends like she did from all over the world? The answer was simple;

In a world filled with so much tension, so much friction of diversity, it was Amara that had become set as a person to overcome all of this. The sheer education potential of this book is so strong that my children have been given permission to have it read out at their school through the "Bring & Show" lessons, while the style of the story is one which I am pretty sure will open the eyes and educate our Next Generation.

We are really looking forward to more stories of Amara, and certainly will fill our children's bookshelves with this Writers superb work. Well done.

~ Marcus De Storm

I bought this book originally for my six year daughter but upon reading it I realised it was a book that could be read and loved by the whole family. The book helps children to understand diversity and family values in a very child friendly way; I really enjoyed the relationships Amara Para has with her friends and family and I really look forward to reading more about Amara Para and her adventures. I would 100% recommend this book to parents.

~ S Fray

I have all three books from the Global friendship collection. I must say that these are beautifully illustrated and packed with information which is great for children and parents alike. My son and I learned things about Pakistan, Qatar, Russia, Singapore and Trinidad. I think the section on languages is a great way for children to be introduced to foreign languages. My son loved the sound of foreign words and adores the characters. Very good book to teach children about different cultures, languages and places.

~ Jojo

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